Tom Myers, Managing Director, is the agency's founder and serves as chief strategist and account manager.
With a career-to-date filled with a heavy dose of adventure and success, founding an agency fulfills a long-time dream for Tom.
Growth has been a theme throughout Tom's career – every company he's ever been associated with has grown substantially. Some of them, meteorically. He's done that with fresh thinking, hard work, building genuine relationships, knowing when to zig and when to zag, being blessed with great intuition, and by holding himself to sometimes impossibly high standards. He has earned a reputation as the one who gets things done, and the one you want in your corner.
Tom has broad marketing leadership experience, including extensive client-side and agency experience, for both public and private companies. He's been a client, so he knows what challenges marketing departments and companies face, first-hand.
From launching new aircraft programs, to developing new markets for misunderstood products, to tackling tough strategic issues, there isn't much Tom hasn't done. He is equally comfortable with big-picture strategy as detailed tactics. His work has been at the leading edge of thinking in digital, connectivity and customer experience. As Senior Director, Global Marketing at Gogo, he played a critical marketing and leadership role in the company's rise from small startup to global prominence, receiving numerous awards and accolades along the way. He got a whole generation of travelers online by introducing the world's first widely-adopted in-flight Internet solution. And by opening new markets and removing stale perceptions, he helped the Pilatus PC-12 earn its place as the world's best-selling turbine business aircraft. 
Tom has traveled extensivelydomestically and globally, doing business on six continents. At his core, integrity, trust, and servant leadership are more important to Tom than anything else.
On a personal note, Tom makes the most out of living in Colorado by biking, hiking, and training for triathlons. An experienced pilot, he holds a FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with instrument & multi-engine ratings, and is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII).
Larry Cormier, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Outsiders:  “Tom is that unusual marketing professional who takes the time to know the market, industry, and, most importantly, the people who will buy your product or service. I worked alongside Tom as he transformed the teams and processes at Gogo from a reactive, sales-focused organization to a modern inbound marketing machine. He is the ultimate professional able to lead and relate to diverse teams while driving and building cross-functional credibility. He is also a pleasure to work with.”  
Mark H. Lefever, former President & Chief Operating Officer, Avjet Corporation: "Tom has an incredible skill of thinking outside the box in creating strategic marketing concepts. He is a straight shooter, forthright and was a huge help to our business. I have always enjoyed working with him.”  
Andy Geist, Senior Vice President, Gogo Business Aviation: “I’ve worked closely with Tom for over 15 years. His leadership and ideas have been a key reason for our success in a very complicated landscape. His work has made us the envy of an industry. As a marketer, there’s simply nobody better.”  
Tom Aniello, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd:  “I worked with Tom Myers as a client of his for almost a decade, and have to say he is one of the best in the marketing industry. He is creative, attentive, professional, and an excellent strategist. In fact, one of his projects for Pilatus fifteen years ago is still proudly talked about today by our customers and employees. Tom takes the time to clearly understand your business challenges and come up with targeted solutions that result in actual sales. That’s a pretty rare quality from my experience. Hire him!”  
Eleesha Guido, former employee and colleague:  “Tom is an exceptional leader who inspires his teams to crush goals — maintaining clear direction, precise targets and an energetic, positive environment. While Tom is clearly driven by accurate and impeccable results, his gift is creating integrated marketing strategies that leverage the abilities of those around him to amplify the impact. Tom is where capability meets inspiration and he shines so bright.”  
Kelly Mahon, Marketing Director, former client at Quest Aircraft Company:  “Tom was of invaluable help to me. He had a deep understanding of what buyers want, along with what we were trying to do. He just got it. The kind of guy you want on your team.”