Exposé is a strategic service from the Exponent Group. It’s a proven problem-solving methodology designed to uncover insights – previously hidden truths – required to solve your strategic marketing challenges.
You tee up a challenge and Exposé is the process we use to address it. We'll dig in, hunt for true insight, share results, and show you tangible ways to make it all sing.
Depending on the nature of the challenge and how crucial it is to your business, an Exposé assignment can be as quick or in-depth as is needs to be to meet the challenge. We can tackle a wide range of challenges – from broad, high-level issues to very specific and tactical.
Our defined process lets you focus on the part we can't do for you – identifying the most strategic marketing issues facing your business.
No two assignments are ever the same, but we always take the same fundamental, 3-step approach.
Discovery. A great answer starts with a well-defined problem, so we’ll work closely with you to understand the full nature of your challenge. Typically it starts by asking a ton of questions – a bit like solving a crime. To get the bottom of the real issue, we'll talk to everyone possible – you, your executive team, employees, customers, prospects and other thought leaders. We may also recommend employing a blend of conventional and unconventional techniques to get to the deeper answers. Years of experience helping iconic brands has taught us that sometimes the most compelling truths come from the most unconventional, often surprisingly simple methods.
Strategic development. Based on what we’ve learned, we go insight-hunting. Figure out what’s really going on. Get past the obvious answers. Explore concepts. And develop creative ideas that will ultimately solve the problem.
Presenting our findings. We’ll give you a plan that restates the challenge and summarizes the situation and environment. We cover all the elements that play a role in solving the problem – audience insights, competitive considerations, branding or positioning issues, and the like. Whenever helpful to visualize the recommendations, we include directional messaging and creative samples. As a way to put everything into action, we also include a full menu of recommended ideas and tactics with planning budget figures.
The plan is a standalone deliverable – and from there, we can execute at any level. To bring the recommendations to life, you decide where to set the volume knob – you select projects to pursue based on your budget and how quickly you’re looking for tangible results.
Most of all, because it works.
If you’re serious about success, investing in thoughtful, strategic counsel will pay back many times over. “Band-aids” rarely produce long-term results. By examining your challenge holistically – with fresh thinking and an unbiased view, Exposé gives you the insight you need to unlock potential and deliver the impact you’re looking for. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose, and sometimes you won't see it coming.
Results from Exposé assignments are always valuable in other parts of your business, too. It will create a rallying point for your team – helping everyone know what you’re fighting for, how they fit in, and giving them what they need to work together and make it happen.
To get started, we’ll create a custom proposal that meets your needs and matches the scope of your challenge.