At Exponent, we understand that the most powerful, effective work always comes from a discerning blend of art and science. 
In today's world, the bar continues to rise for beautiful, well-designed, provocative marketing. Within the increasing deluge of images and messaging we all experience every day, only the best rises to the top. Beautiful design, artful imagery, and the perfect words have the ability to cut through the clutter.
But it's not just about making beautiful things, for beauty's sake. There is science behind effective work.
We are insight hunters. We define insight as "a previously hidden truth." We dig deeply to find those truths. We like asking the dumb questions, and hunting for the real insights that often hide behind a fog of distractions. We're driven to see what others don't.
Data is one of the hottest topics in today’s marketing circles. Is it one thing, or is it everything? Yes... and sometimes. There is an incredible amount of data available in today’s world – and with that, comes the opportunity for incredible insight. At every stage, you should be asking yourself what data is available to help you make the best decisions. Sometimes, data drives massive discovery and becomes “the” distinguishing differentiator in the success of a product, service or business. Yet in some cases, data can actually be a distraction – with ultimate success coming from taking a big, smart, bold, calculated leap. When to zig, when to zag? Our expertise lies in using the best combination of intuition- and fact-based marketing approaches that ultimately help you win the day.
In the spirit of being a true partner, we exist to make your life easier. 
The vibrant, dynamic complexity of today's marketing landscape is simultaneously thrilling and daunting. So many options and considerations. The choices for how you go to market are endless, and we understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed.
Years ago, imagine Apple's challenge to explain the original iPod to a world that was accustomed to getting pecked to death with long lists of consumer electronics features. It was a revolutionary device at the time. It had customizable music libraries, solid-state storage device, an intuitive GUI, small size, light weight, a computer-based interface, an online purchase path, in-ear headphones, and on and on. So how did they do it? Distilling all that complexity into a single statement – "a thousand songs in your pocket" – instantly gave millions of people exactly what they needed to see that the world of music had changed. With any story, no matter how complicated, there are ways to get it through. And that's what we love.
At Exponent, we revel in the complexity. To us, it feels like being an artist with a giant painter's palette. There are countless new and innovative ways to tell stories and bring brands to life, and we are always looking for the next big thing. We love to dream up creative combinations of mediums, and unique ways to get your brands noticed and understood.
We can help you cut through the clutter, and guide you to real solutions. It's a brave new world, and we're here to help paint a clear, beautiful picture for your brand.
Success in any business requires building a rewarding, connected customer journey – and that’s where many organizations’ marketing challenges are found. That framework is also where we find inspiration. Creating a rich, watertight customer journey is easier said than done – it’s a very complex undertaking and we have extensive experience with every stage.
Awareness  Before you can earn serious consideration, prospects need to know you and be aware of your offerings. In the entire process, the awareness phase is typically the harshest environment. They don’t know you, don’t think they need you and they’re not listening. What will it take to get the journey started? What will get your brand on their radar? In the old days, marketers had a lot of control in this phase. Now, the prospect is in control; they do what they want, when they want.
Consideration  Before prospects will buy, they need to believe – they need to trust you and internalize how you’ll make their lives better. Often the longest and most difficult part of the journey for marketers, you need to motivate prospects to get a meaningful conversation started, be their advocate, put them ‘in the know,’ differentiate your offerings, show them why... and repeat. All on their terms.
Purchase  A big turning point in the process, this is where buyers put their trust on the line. They need to genuinely believe the purchase is worth the risk they’re taking with you. When you're close to a purchase decision, detailed understanding and a clear implementation path become critical items. What are your customers' barriers to purchase? How can you help customers over the line by making the purchase process as easy and painless as possible?
Loyalty  Most companies underestimate the power of a very smart post-sale retention program. But in today’s world, it’s typically the single most critical element of your long-term success. After they buy, your destiny is in your hands and the real work begins. Staying true to your brand and creating an unbelievable ownership experience turns customers into advocates – helping turn other prospects into customers, and making them most likely to buy again and again.
But wait... there's one more consideration:
Transparency  In today's world, absolutely everything is out in the open. One blunder can become an instant PR nightmare – and at the same time, one positive story can trend worldwide in seconds. So when you think through your customer journey, remember to be as transparent as possible. Every step of the way. You can't hide anything from anybody anymore... so don't. Be good, be authentic, be proactive with information, and be surprisingly forthright. Be transparent to the bone if you're serious about success.
It's one of the most powerful fundamental concepts in modern marketing. Surprisingly, it's a way of thinking that many companies still don’t fully embrace. 
Customer experience is everything and – we believe – the single most powerful concept in today’s marketing landscape. Buyer expectations are extraordinarily high – they want it easy, they want it awesome, and they want it now. Experience is every touch point, big and small. Every product, every service, and every interaction. 
The company that offers the best experience – at every point through the entire customer lifecycle – wins the day. Giving customers a truly amazing experience also helps shift emphasis away from price. They’ll pay more, and be happy about it.
Think of things in customer experience terms, and everything else gets easier. We have a long history of finding success using Customer Experience as a guiding light.